Artboard Size Presets


I’m using Subform 3837.0.0 c9dd7ef on Windows_NT 10.0.14393 and am having trouble…

When I click at “Artboard size presets”, drop-down list is transparent (screenshots attached). I should highlight with the mouse to distinguish options.

Just a little question, what is the button “Add Text” ?


2017.10.23 Subform release 3924
Transparent dropdown menu

Great catch, @Oraustrale, thanks! We’ll get that corrected in the next release.

The “Add Text” button inserts a text element into the current selection. You can also access it in the menus under Insert > Text Child and the keyboard shortcut is command-T on Mac and ctrl-T on Windows.


Not positive but I think @Oraustrale was asking about the “Add Text” button because on the latest release of Subform on Windows, the “Add Text” button lost its functionality.

The “Text Child” button still works accordingly though so its no biggie.

2017.10.23 Subform release 3924

Ahh, thanks for the clarification, Ryan. That slipped through the cracks on the last release, we’ll get it fixed up for that next one.


Fixed in 3924.