2017.10.23 Subform release 3924



Hi friends,

A new release of Subform is available:

OS X: Subform-3924.0.0+848c072.dmg

Windows: Subform Setup 3924.0.0+848c072.exe


  • “Alt” no longer brings up the HUD. We removed this hotkey because it interfered with other hotkeys (like alt+1 for resizing the artboard). Over the next few releases, we’ll be making changes to have the HUD appear automatically when you need it.


  • Pressing escape while in an input box now unfocuses the input.

  • When moving the selected element(s) via a drag from the tree, the element(s) can now be placed at a specific position in a stack or grid on the artboard:


  • Fixed the color input not consistently saving values, which occurred on some Windows platforms. Thanks to @p.bag for the report!

  • Removed duplicate “Add text” button from the app toolbar. Thanks @rrbarry11 and @Oraustrale for the report!

  • Visual feedback is now provided when dragging elements into the tree’s “artboard” row.

  • Aspect ratio “Width : Height” input now survives being focused without being changed. Previously it would show an incorrect value if focused, but then left unchanged.

  • Tabbing into an input now always selects the input’s full contents. Previously this only happened intermittently.

  • The artboard size preset, component state, and command bar menus are no longer transparent. Thanks to @Oraustrale for catching this!