Convert to Component showing up in Dialog window


Noticed a small bug this morning, on the current release you can now right click an artboard and in the dialog menu, there’s the “Convert to Component” option, but that doesn’t work for artboards.

Also another small bug that I’ll mention here, when you right click on a component layer, there’s two options in the dialog menu, “Next State” and “Previous State”, these buttons do nothing for me.

I am also on windows if that helps narrow down some issues.

Thanks guys keep up the good work!

2018.01.01 Subform release 4322

Able to replicate this over here as well. Great catch, thanks!

So this is performing as designed—we decided that rather than disable the context menu item for things that can’t be converted to components, we should be explicit about it via status bar messaging.

You’ll notice that there’s an error message in the bottom status bar when you try it: “Artboards cannot be converted to components.” Text elements are treated similarly.

Our hope was that the messaging would make it clear that this is designed behavior, not a bug. (e.g. “There’s a bug where I can’t make text into a component.”)

Maybe an unsuccessful experiment, since the current behavior also felt like a bug to you. Was the status messaging not evident to you? One thought would be to make that more visually prominent.


Oh wow, I should of caught that!

I think this is great, keep it as is. One change would be maybe to highlight it similar to how you highlight a tree layer box when you hit “CMD + R” to rename it? I love how the layer highlights blue for a second, very cool and grabs your attention right away.


Can I build off this and request a keyboard shortcut for these two actions? I think that would be super useful to toggle through states quickly when building with pre-built components.


One step ahead of you, there are shortcuts for these actions already. :smiley:

On Windows, ctrl+period and ctrl+comma. On Mac, ⌘. and ⌘,.


Bravo, this is a game changer.

So it was only the right-click menu actions that were not working correctly because these shortcuts and the top menu actions work perfect.

Thanks for the help!


Thanks for the catch @rrbarry11! I’ve just fixed the popup menu and added the shortcut text so that its more discoverable. It will be in the upcoming release.