Deleting text element makes the right panel unusable


I’m using Subform 3661.0.0 39a7d14 on Windows_NT 10.0.15063.

  1. Create a box element
  2. Create a text element
  3. delete that text element (no matter if right click and delete or backspace)

After deleting the text element the right panel will allways show the text element options of the deleted text element. Even if you select another element delete or add new elements. Also in the History the deleting is not tracked.

  1. click on the last entry in the history
  2. delete a box element

After doing this the right panel and history is working again. You can also save this project and open it again to make it work again.


Hi @thepixture,

This is known bug and was fixed in release 3671. You can download that release here.


Thank you. Sorry didn’t know that.


No problem. :wink: For future reference, you can always find the most current release at the top here:

We post bug fixes and the like in the change logs with every release.

Let me know if you run into anymore issues!