Design on the artboart not being saved


Hey all! :slight_smile:

I dunno if everybody else is experiencing it, or if someone's open a topic like this ..biut I didn't see anyone post something about it.

Basically, the file is not being saved. I did some test on layouts – like the tutorial on the website – then saved the file on my desktop, opened the file and it was a blank artboard. I did it few times and still the same, the file go back to a blank artboard.

Any idea/help about it?



Try opening the file via menu's File/Open File .
I had the same issue when I double-clicked the file.


There is an issue where double clicking a subform file on OS X just opens up Subform w/ a new document rather than your file. I've already fixed this and things should work properly in the next release. Sorry about the mistake!


Great, Thanks! Works! :slight_smile:

2016.11.21 Subform release 6bdeabc

Ok cool! Thanks!! :slight_smile: