Reimporting an image after editing the image shows the old version of the image


I’m using Subform 3992.0.0 953b369 on Windows_NT 10.0.15063 and am having trouble…

I want to use icon images for some ui elements. After importing some images i found the color not the right. So i changed the color of the icon in the image. But when i try to import the edited image, it will allways show the old version. Restarting subform or the pc doesn’t solve the problem.


I also have noticed this problem, only way to fix it is rename the new image and reimport


Thanks for writing @thepixture and @rrbarry11.

This behavior has been around since we introduced images and has been on our “to design” list.

We designed Subform to refer to images in an external folder (the images/ folder next to your saved document file) rather than storing the image data in the .subform file itself.

Our reasoning is that it makes it easier to share images between multiple .subform files, and also allows you to organize and manage images using your regular filesystem tools (Finder, Windows Explorer, command line scripts, etc.).

We were thinking about use cases like yours, @thepixture, actually — say your icon was used in a ton of artboards in your file and you wanted to replace all of them with a new version that has a different color.
Right now you can do that by overwriting the file at images/my_icon.png with the new image — no need to do anything in Subform itself.

We didn’t want people to overwrite images by accident, though, which is why when you tried to import again nothing happened — Subform noticed that there was already an icon.png in the images folder, and so it did nothing when you tried to import.

We can definitely do a better job providing feedback in that case — it is on our todo list.

So, tl;dr, if you want to replace an image, do it directly in the images/ folder rather than in Subform, since that will do the replace everywhere.

Hope that makes sense.

We’re definitely open to any suggestions ya’ll have about other ways we could streamline this workflow.


Hi Kevin, thanks for your reply.

I didn’t noticed that there is an images folder. Now it makes sence to me. It wasn’t the way I thought about replacing an image, that’s why I thought its a bug.
Your right, its easier to replace all images by overwriting them in the images folder. I’ve found out that there is an overwrite for each image, which i also didn’t noticed before. That works perfect for me.

Thank you


@thepixture We released yesterday a new version that addresses quite a bit of the image troubles you ran into. Take a look at the video if you haven’t seen it already: 2017.12.04 Subform release 4240