Text entry not working


I'm using Subform 0.0.0 6bdeabc on Windows_NT 6.1.7601 and am having trouble entering any text, double click and unable to enter text.


From the first item in the changelog for https://talk.subformapp.com/t/2016-11-21-subform-release-6bdeabc/817:

Use t hotkey rather than double clicking to create a text child.


Thanks for tip but I was following the getting started guide that didn't mention it. I don't even know where the release notes are.


Release notes will be on the same page as the links to download each version.

I didn't realize that the 101 getting started topic referred to "double click" to add text --- I've updated it so it's in line with the changes in the new version of Subform.

Thanks for the report!


Sgtm thanks for help