Text line not breaking and wrapping within parent container


Again, not sure if this is a question or a bug.

Mac OS X version: 10.12.1
Subform release: 3f2bab9

Text line not breaking when more characters that the parents width. I imagined that the parents height would be automatically increased and the text would break into multiple lines.

Steps to reproduce
• Create box
• set box's width to 100%
• double click box to add type and paste in a paragraphs amount of text

Should see that the text just centres and is hidden off the screen to left and right.

Screen recording


Just had the same problem here.


I've had the same issue as well. Looks like @toby_burkill has got a great description of the question/bug.


Same here.

Subform 0.0.0+3f2bab9
OS X 10.11.6

Is this a Windows problem too?


Also having this issue on OSX. Had to manually break the text into two separate boxes using a component with a dataset which was a pain and is not responsive. Having Interface Builder/Unity style text wrapping mode controls would be great (i.e. wrap, overflow, autoshrink)


The short answer is that text-wrapping isn't implemented in Subform yet. I know, I know. :confounded:

It's super important to us to have professional type handling in Subform—it's something I've talked about briefly over here. But before we start to address any of these issues (even just fixing the basics), we have some work we want to finish on the layout engine. Almost everything in type handling (wrapping, hyphenation, etc) is dependent upon the layout engine's functionality.

Kevin's working on a post that covers some of the layout engine changes that we're currently working on, so keep an eye out for that. Once we've got those issues dialed in, we'll be able to start addressing text handling.