Toggling a UI panel wipes settings


I'm using Subform 0.0.0+3f2bab9 on macOS version 10.12.1

Edit: I did see this other, closed thread. but I found this particularly confusing and unexpected.

Edit 2: This has also made it into a feature request.

I expected the given control panel to toggle between visible and hidden states, so that I could organize my workspace and not have to see everything at once. Instead all of my settings for that panel were reset to a default state without warning.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Select a box
  2. Click any control panel that is in a closed state by default
  3. Make changes to that panel's settings
  4. Close the panel
  5. Your changes should disappear

Personal thoughts:

On closer inspection I see that the toggle switch turns red, which I guess is supposed to indicate the destructive action, but I don't think it's obvious enough considering it's on the panel's header, rather than next to the setting itself.

Sketch has a similar functionality, but in Sketch you can have multiple instances of a control stacked, for example multiple borders... so there's a need to remove unused or extra items. In Subform, so far as I know at the moment, each control only has one use per box.

Presenting the control as 'gone' is a bit misleading, because these settings still have values – they are just 0, white, or some similar thing. A zeroing/clearing function would be nice, but I think it should be within the panel, available whenever a non default value is entered, and next to the control in question (as there might be multiple control groups per panel) – but I don't think it needs to hide the panel necessarily.

I also don't want to have to always see everything at once, especially if there are more controls added in the future that I'd have to scroll through constantly, so a real panel header toggle would be nice. But toggling the panel / dealing with workspace maybe should be separate from dealing with the controls' values? I'm still stewing on it, thoughts?

Feature Suggestion: Closing Panels

Hi @nickisnoble Looks like you found the feature topic on this, so I'm going to lock this one just to keep things organized.
Happy to hear your thoughts on the feature request topic for this.