Where is latest download?


Hi -- I started a new Mac from scratch and don't have any links in my email. Where can I re-download the latest build?


@singletonself Hi Chris, the latest update can be found here: https://talk.subformapp.com/t/2016-12-23-subform-release-bb1f015/989.

I'm not going to speak on their behalf, but the guys have been hard at work the past few months and they've totally changed the look, feel, and functionality of Subform as far as I know, and really took a lot of our feedback and made the updates. Those older builds' files will not be compatible with this entirely new build, so I'd wait until that new one is released.

But, I know I still hop into the old ones just to play around.

I'm very optimistic for this newest build. But, I'll let @Ryan chime in. Exciting things on the horizon.


I think @andrew covered it pretty well. :slight_smile:

As @kevin mentioned here, we're getting close on a new release and will keep you posted here on the forum. Thanks for the patience.