2017.07.31 Subform release 3426



Hi friends,

A new release of Subform is available:

OS X: Subform-3426.0.0+f8750f6.dmg

Windows: Subform Setup 3426.0.0+f8750f6.exe

Since the last release:


  • We now have a 64bit Windows build, which we've tested on Windows 8, and 10, and 2012 Server.


  • We've added a loading screen so you get immediate feedback when a new document is opening. I (@kevin) find loading screens morally reprehensible and feel that Subform should just start in under 100ms, but this is beyond my technical capabilities for the current time.
  • Added spacebar panning mode. See topic.
  • Added error popover and resolution for units with min > max.
  • Fonts are now loaded once, rather than with every new document. This improves startup time, especially on systems with thousands of fonts.
  • The stack main axis HUD now draws spaces as hatched when those spaces have a value set (i.e., they aren't using the default value set in their parent's "children layout" panel).
  • Buttons have been taken out of the tab flow: Pressing "Tab" and "Shift-Tab" now moves only between text inputs.


  • Elements can no longer be resized to have a negative size.
  • The layout engine sometimes refused changes to parents that had a child with a layout error. It now accepts such changes.
  • The grid children layout control now validates input. Thanks @Benzo for the report.
  • Since fonts are now loaded on startup, documents with text-driven layouts will render properly when first loaded. (Previously, they rendered with a "font missing" error until you forced a relayout.)
  • The layout engine is more robust in the presence of layout errors. (Previously it would sometimes reject legal changes in the presence of layout errors, depending on the order in which you made the changes.)

Known issues

  • Corrupted fonts (e.g., missing the "family" attribute) may cause a crash on startup on OS X. Thanks @jensherlevsen for providing their crash report. Short-term fix for ya'll is to remove busted fonts from the system font paths. We'll prioritize a fix for this if many folks have corrupted fonts installed.
  • Subform is real slow on larger files. Improving the layout engine performance is the top priority for the next release.

Space+Drag Pan Tool


One bug I'm finding on Windows is when I select "Add Box Mode" it selects the button but then it wont let me deselect it. Very annoying because once I click the button I have to quit subform and reopen to get back to the normal clicking mode.

edit: After some further exploring, I realized pressing ESC exits this "Add box mode". So only clicking the button a second time is faulty, but less problematic because now I can just press ESC if needed.

2017.08.14 Subform release 3520

Thanks for the report @rrbarry11!
The same behavior happens on Mac because we just didn't wire up the button that way. I'll make sure that in the next release you'll be able to exit the mode by clicking the button a second time.


Great work on the quick updates! :+1: :clap: